Proposed Recovery Area

This map illustrates the proposed release zone, the occupied area and the proposed recovery area. 

Fight and Fix Campaign

The Arizona Cattle Growers’ Association is focused on fighting the United States Fish and Wildlife Service’s proposed expansion of a failed program.  Read more about our goal for the "Fight & Fix Campaign" here or read below. To donate to help the cause click here.

  • The ACGA demands the Service to withdraw the Proposed Rule.
  • There is no reason to increase size of the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area (BRWRA). 
  • The UFWS and its designated agent(s) will manage the Mexican wolf experimental population and will not allow the population within the BRWRA area to substantially exceed 100 wolves.
  • Insuring that the rights and interests of these affected entities and private landowners (including grazing allottees) are recognized and protected.Clarifying and defining the roles of the Service, state agencies and units of local government in administering the program.
  • Improving program management to ensure an open and transparent process, including management prescriptions that are objective and can be consistently applied, and, if necessary, that can be enforced.
  • NO – we will not accept an expansion of the wolf program.We are not interested in maybes or empty promises. We will work to develop solutions with rules but we expect that we all will play by them. 
  • The industry is tired of the process game and endless government run around. 
  • Update the 1982 Recovery Plan.

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