Why should you join the Arizona cattle growers' association?

Membership to the Arizona Cattle Growers' Association means taking part in a grassroots, membership-driven organization that has been the cornerstone in protecting, representing and providing information to Arizona's beef producing families since 1903. 

As a member, you will receive:

  • The Arizona Cattlelog monthly
  • The Arizona Newsletter quarterly
  • ACGA Email Updates
  • Full-time representation at the Arizona State Legislature and Congress
  • Influence in governor-appointed boards and committees
  • A voice in national affairs through ACGA's affiliation with the National Cattlemen's Beef Association
  • Access to full professional office staff 

Membership Categories

ACGA Voting - The core of ACGA that guides, directs and leads the association.Voting members can be active in committees, working groups and on the board of directors. Voting members receive the latest industry information and work with staff on local, state and national issues.

Cowboys of the Industry - Introductory rate for young ranchers and cowboys of the industry. Non-voting membership, will receive the latest industry information and happenings in rural Arizona. 

ACGA Associate- Non-voting ACGA membership designed for those that support the cattle industry and the rural lifestyle. Associate members believe in the values and missions of the Arizona Cattle Growers' Association and are kept up-to-date on issues in the cattle industry and happenings in rural Arizona. 

Business - A business membership is designed for those that are currently conducting business with cattlemen or wish to conduct business with cattlemen in the future. Just as it is crucial for cattlemen to utilize you and your services, we feel it is equally important that you play a role in our organization that represents beef producing families. Two options are available: Associate and Affiliate. The Associate membership comes with a free advertisement, annual listing in the Cattlelog and on the website and the ability to showcase your product at our annual summer convention's trade show.