ACGA Affilliates

CCA partners with numerous affiliates that enhance its productivity and effectiveness. Browse below to learn about these important groups and what they can do for you.


Arizona Cattle Industry Research & Education Foundation

Founded in 1982, ACIF, has supported Arizona's cattle industry. Devoted to carrying out exclusively scientific, charitable and educational purposes for the benefit of and in connection with the Arizona Cattle Growers Association.


Arizona Beef Council

The Arizona Beef Council (ABC) is a not-for-profit organization created by the State of Arizona on August 11, 1970, with a scheduled sunset review for extension every ten years to operate in the State of Arizona. The next scheduled sunset review will be in 2026. The Council has the authority to establish a self-financed program to help develop and maintain state, national, and foreign markets for beef and beef products. 

Arizona State Cowbelle

The Arizona State Cowbelles work to contribute to the success of the beef cattle community by engaging in activities designed to:  Promote the consumption of beef by engaging the public about its benefits, advocate statewide and nationally for the interests of the beef community, promote the heritage of ranching and support youth interested in agriculture , share the contributions of the rancher in stewardship of the land and protecting the environment, and participate in and contribute to the American National Cattle Women, Inc 

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National Cattlemen's Beef Association

The National Cattlemen's Beef Association (NCBA) is the national trade association representing U.S. cattle producers, with more than 25,000 individual members and several industry organization members. Together NCBA represents more than 175,000 cattle producers and feeders. NCBA works to advance the economic, political and social interests of the U.S. cattle business and to be an advocate for the cattle industry's policy positions and economic interests.

Public Land Council

Since 1968, the Public Lands Council (PLC) has actively represented the cattle and sheep producers who hold public lands grazing permits. ... Today, more than 22,000 public land ranchers maintain 250 million acres of U.S. public land.


Arizona Game & Fish

The Arizona Game and Fish Department is a state agency of Arizona, headquartered in Phoenix. The agency is tasked with conserving, enhancing, and restoring Arizona's diverse wildlife resources and habitats through aggressive protection and management programs. It also provides wildlife resources and watercraft and off-highway vehicle recreation.

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Arizona Farm Bureau Federation

Arizona Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization dedicated to preserving and improving the Agriculture industry through member involvement in education, political activities, programs and services. Our membership includes Agricultural Members in production agriculture and non-agricultural Associate Members who wish to support agriculture or take advantage of the discounts and services offered to our members.


Arizona Junior Livestock Association

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the welfare of the livestock industry, to further the education and cooperation of young people interested in livestock, and to aid in the attainment of mutual goals set by AJLA members interested in all phases of this business and all possible career opportunities.


Business Resource Directory

ACGA proudly recommends Arizona businesses to our members.  

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